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Learn about Terabbit Studios, a new game development studio founded in 2024, and discover our core pillars and competencies when it comes to making engaging narrative titles.

Developing imaginative New Worlds

Founded in February 2024, at Terabbit Studios, our focus is to provide narrative experiences that plunge players deep into the rabbit hole.

Every story, regardless of the premise, can be told in unique ways that invoke a deep reflection about the characters we meet, the choices we make, the consequences we create, or the outcomes we provoke. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression on our players and provide an experience that sticks with them. It may be a moment of triumph, or a devastating revelation. Suffice it to say, we want our games to continue to be enjoyed in a players’ mind well after they’ve stepped away from their controllers.




A screen capture from The Last Ark game by Terabbit Studios, featuring a view of Earth from orbit. The Earth looks cold and uninviting. Orbiting around the Earth is an orbital station surrounded by dozens of abandoned transport craft. The camera is attached to the base of one of the arks as it departs earth, with the rocket booster out of focus in the foreground.


Craft cinematic experiences

Provide well-crafted narrative stories that take players on a journey akin to a cinematic experience with choice-driven progression.


Think outside the box

Deliver our stories with a unique approach to gameplay and endeavor to break new ground where possible.


Indie heart, epic output

Deliver AAA studio quality but maintain indie pride, accountability, ownership, and untempered creativity. We want our team members to feel like they own it… not like they are owned.


Multi-platform and accessible

Develop with multiple platforms in mind, to include PC/desktop and console, and design games to be accessible to a wide range of players.

A screen capture from The Last Ark game by Terabbit Studios, featuring a mountainous, snowy landscape where a blizzard is currently blowing through. There is an abandoned launch platform in the snow in the middle and foreground. In the background, high in the sky, a rocket ship (an Ark) is taking off into space.

Meet the team

A professional headshot image of Terabbit Studios staff member Mat Van Rhoon, smiling at the camera.


Van Rhoon

Studio Director

A professional headshot image of Terabbit Studios staff member Chris Marcellus, smiling at the camera.




A professional headshot image of Terabbit Studios staff member Poe Z, smiling at the camera.



Designer + QA

We put artists first

Our stance on Generative AI

Terabbit Studios is proud to actively reject the use of Generative AI tools throughout the game development process.

Our designs will be human-first. This includes (but not limited to): storyboards, game art and matte paintings, models and 3d environments, writing for story and dialog, voice and acting talent, promotional materials, etc.

We understand some AI tools are integrated into virtually all creative software suites, but we will endeavor to limit our use of these tools.

There are only two types of tools of this nature we are open to using:

  • Algorithmic – Smart AI tools that simply interpret data, but don’t generate content trained off other creator’s work.
  • REgenerative – AI tools such as upscalers and interpolators which are designed to only restore existing content and not generate new material trained off other creator’s work.

Generative AI will be off limits at Terabbit Studios.

We also appreciate sometimes due to the pervasive nature of AI on so many platforms, some generative AI content may slip through the cracks. For example: we source a stock image to use as a background component in a matte painting and then find out the image was generated by AI.

If and when something like this occurs, we will quickly remedy the situation and remove the offending material.

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