The Last Ark

Logo for The Last Ark game. The words "The Last Ark are crested by a thin crescent, where at the top at the crescent's epicenter is the shape of a rocket in the negative space of what appears to be the letter "A." A red symbol is below the rocket which looks like either a drop of blood or the hour hand of a clock pointing at midnight.

In the not-too-distant future, a rogue star has flown through our solar system. Its immense gravity has disrupted the orbital signatures of several planets, including Earth. Ejected from our solar system, the Earth is rapidly descending into a cold, dark, and uninhabitable orphan planet.

To try to escape the disaster, humanity builds nine arks to safely evacuate 100,000 citizens into space where they hope to begin a journey to find a new and habitable home. The rest of Earth’s population will perish.

These arks are managed by you… the most sophisticated artificial intelligence ever created. With near-unlimited control over the arks, humanity’s future is in your hands.

That was their last mistake…

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You are the most sophisticated AI system ever conceived. You control everything on the Arks—Their trajectory, life support, communications, critical systems… everything. Using your unlimited access to these systems, humanity doesn’t stand a chance, but only if you don’t get caught. Create havoc to neutralize as many passengers as possible, all while deflecting the blame or manipulating inhabitants to do your bidding. Intercept, change, or exploit inter-ship communications, fake signals or messages, or open an airlock or two by ‘accident,’ as you sow the seeds of doubt and erode trust among the passengers. The story ends when humanity does.

The game’s technology will feature a mixture of real-time 3D environmental gameplay, scripted sequences (both real-time and pre-rendered), full-motion video, a detailed interactive interface and management system, professional voice talent, and a full soundtrack. The story will feature a dynamic choice and consequence system, randomized narrative beats the player must adapt to, and interwoven pathing, leading to multiple unique outcomes.

More details about the gameplay will be revealed throughout the development process. To follow along with the game’s development, check out the news and blog.

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Voice + Acting Talent

The game will feature a cast of professional voice actors and filmed actors. As more cast roles are secured, they will be added to this lineup.


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